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Meet the 64 contenders selected to participate in MasternodeMeBro18.

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The biggest prize? Glory. But, it never hurts to win these rewards.

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Championship Fights Open Now

MasternodeMeBro18 Championship Event 5 is now open!
This event closes Sunday, October 21st at 12:00pm MST.

What is the MasternodeMeBro Tournament?

The Crypto Hobbit partnered with Omni Analytics Group to craft an epic battle of masternode projects. The goal of these tournaments is to develop an idea of cryptocurrency community sentiment regarding top masternode projects.

Choosing Fighters & Setting Matches

Recognizing that there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of masternode projects, we utilized Omni Analytics Group’s internal ranking system to find our inaugural round of sixty-four challengers.

Competitors are organized into four groups as defined by Omni Analytics Group. These groups are based on extensive research into qualitative and quantitative measures of masternode project success. Initial match-ups within each of these four groups are determined based on market cap.


Shout out to our supporters

MasternodeMeBro attracted attention, even from sophisticated projects.  We are honored to have been approached by projects that see what this event can become.