The Crypto Hobbit

This hobbit likes masternodes, and wanted to learn more about them before choosing his favorites. Data is great, but what did the hobbit's friends think? Surely, these crypto enthusiasts would have opinions. The hobbit went to his friend, Crypto Coffee, to figure out how to create a survey. After some cannabis and espresso, the MasternodeMeBro Tournament was created!

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Crypto Coffee

This coffee addict loves research almost as much as a fresh round of espresso. When approached with the idea of a sentiment tool for masternode projects, Crypto Coffee suggested that providing a fun experience would encourage people to participate and share the event. So, instead of a dry survey, we ended up with a fight club of masternode projects vying for dominance in a crowded arena.

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Omni Analytics Group

Omni Analytics Group

This core partner has been with MasternodeMeBro from the very beginning, providing research guidance and a data-based understanding of the masternode space. Omni Analytics Group also fills a critical role as the neutral third-party analyzer of all fight data.

We encourage you to explore Omni Analytics Group’s cryptocurrency analysis and applications.

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